asktheprinceoflife: im back bitches youre wwelcome


im back bitches
youre wwelcome


Random Encounter
ScyllaHuge Aberration, Chaotic (CE), Average Intelligence; Solitary
HD: 16 AC: 18 ATK: 5 heads (1d8 + constrict) MV: 10 (Swim 30) SV: F4 R7 W5 XP: 4000 (CL 18) Scyllas are primordial sea monsters, terrible abominations that haunt narrow straits, lying in wait for prey. They have bodies shaped something like hydras, with scaled skin and five thick necks that end in massive humanoid heads. These heads have beards of tentacles, six tentacles each. Scyllas communicate telepathically, and they can induce fear (as the spell) once per day per head in creatures with 5 or fewer hit dice. If one head of the scylla is casting a spell, the others are still capable of attacking.Special Qualities – Immune to fear, immune to cold, regeneration, magic resistance 40%, resistance to electricitySpells - 3/day—control water; 1/day—control weather
— Henry Justice Ford
Stolen from The Land of Nod